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The Digital Power Meter offers all the measurement capabilities required to monitor current, voltage, power range and four-quadrant metering in an electrical installation. Its main function is to measure various electrical energy values and power quality parameters, including power factory, harmonics, and current/voltage unbalance. Delta’s Power Meter can also identify equipment malfunctions, energy waste, and other power quality issues for purposes such as analyzing electricity consumption and managing energy usage. Features include highly precise measurement of bidirectional electrical energy and power parameters. It also provides simple installation and easy operation and a built-in RS-485 communication port that supports Modbus RTU/ASCII. All models comply with international installation dimensions and CE international safety approvals.

DPM-C530A Series

DPM-C530A Series Delta's Power Meter DPM-C530A provides precise measurement of various power parameters including power factor, harmonics, current, voltage, and more. It is also equipped with an over-limit alarm and history logs storage for real-time monitoring purposes. The DPM-C530A is the perfect match for energy management systems and facilities that have high requirements for power quality control.


-- Electricity consumption analysis, medium / low voltage power distribution panels, energy management systems

-- Supports power quality measurement, including three-phase current, voltage, power range, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, harmonics, total harmonic distortion, unbalance and more
-- Highly precise measurement of bidirectional electrical energy and power parameters, meeting Class 0.5S of IEC62053 and CNS14607 standards
-- White-light widescreen LCD with high resolution
-- Language customization: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English
-- Built-in 8M bytes of storage for max. 2 months of power and electrical energy measurement values for history analysis
-- Up to 500 units of event records, the highest capacity in the industry
-- Built-in RS-485 communication port supports Modbus RTU/ASCII
-- Designed with an IP52 rating and CE safety approval

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